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The Curtis Institute of Music '09
25.05.2008 16.30 h
The Curtis Institute of Music '09 - Philadelfia
Incontri Musicali - Stagione Primavera-Estate 2008


musiche di Walton, Poulenc, Mozart


The Curtis Institute of Music '09
Country: us


Il Curtis Institute è considerato uno dei migliori Conservatori del mondo, con Maestri prestigiosi e numerosissimi suoi laureati sono divenuti musicisti di livello internazionale con carriere strepitose (basti pensare all’ultimo allievo uscito dalla Scuola, che è il pianista cinese Lang Lang, considerato uno dei fenomeni più strabilianti degli ultimi anni): fondata nel 1924, è l’unica Scuola di Musica americana che procura l’ istruzione musicale a tutti gli studenti, provenienti dai più disparati Paesi del mondo, basata solo ed esclusivamente sulle attitudini musicali dei giovani, indipendentemente dalla loro situazione finanziaria.

The Curtis Institute of Music trains exceptionally gifted young musicians for careers as performing artists on the highest professional level. Enrollment is small - about 160 students per year, based on the musicians needed for a symphony orchestra, opera department, and select programs in piano, organ, harpsichord, composition, and conducting.

Curtis provides a personalized education, the cornerstone of which is one-on-one study with some of today’s leading musical artists. Admission is highly selective, with approximately 5 percent of applicants accepted each year.

All students receive full-tuition scholarships based on merit, ensuring that talent is the sole consideration for admission. Curtis is widely considered one of  the most prestigious conservatories in the world. Mary Louise Curtis Bok first opened the doors in 1924. Today, Curtis follows many of the same principles set forth by Mrs. Bok.

Students may pursue a Diploma or Bachelor of Music degree. Vocal students may also pursue a Master of Music degree or Professional Studies Certificate. Currently 162 students from the United States and 18 foreign countries study with Curtis’s celebrated 91-member faculty, which includes Richard Danielpour, Leon Fleisher, Pamela Frank, Mikael Eliasen, Gary Graffman, Jennifer Higdon, Ida Kavafian, Jaime Laredo, Seymour Lipkin, Edgar Meyer, Otto-Werner Mueller, Ned Rorem, Aaron Rosand, Joseph Silverstein, Ignat Solzhenitsyn, members of the Guarneri Quartet and many of the principal players of the Philadelphia Orchestra.

                Roberto Díaz – viola
                Robert McDonald – piano
                Mikael Eliasen – piano

                Nikki Choi – violin
                Natalie Helm – cello
                Adrian Kramer – baritone

Program I

Fine     - Fantasia for string trio (Chooi, Díaz, Helm)
Ives     - Piano trio (McDonald, Chooi, Helm)
Rorem  - Aftermath (Kramer, Eliasen, Chooi, Helm)

Program II

Bernstein  - I hate music
                    - So Pretty
                    - Simple Song
                    - Rabbit at top speed
                    - Maria

Hartke       - King of the Sun (McDonald, Chooi, Díaz, Helm)

Danielpour - Come Up From The Fields Father (Kramer, Eliasen, Díaz)

Ives        - Walking
                - Ann Street
                - Berceuse
                - Tolerance
                - The Cage
                - Memories
                - The Greatest Man

Barber      - The Daises
                  - With rue my heart is laden
                  - Sure on this shining night
                  - Nocturne
                  - Monks and Raisins
                  - Monk and his cat
                  - I hear an army

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