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Privacy Policy

Protection of Personal Data Policy under the law 196/03

Processing will be carried out through processor to the following aims:

  1. 1) personal data, under the law 196/03 paragraph 4, will be collected by Pointel communication S.p.A., for business, marketing and promotional aims of the website
  2. In addition:
    1. Assistance to Services and management of the website;
    2. Sending information about the use of services in order to sign in;
    3. Sending business information about Giardini La Mortella organization;
    4. Developing studies and marketing researches only after an accurate analysis about general database, not individual ones;
    5. Making interactive business communications.
  1. The providing personal data and agreeing to its processing is necessary to provide personal data of   
  2. Giardini La Mortella can cancel the subscription if data prove to be false.
  1. Personala data can be transmitted only to:
    1. Societies partners
    2. Public or private corporations according to the law.
  1. Law 7 196/03 provides for:
    1. Having the right to obtain the confirmation about personal data;
    2. Having the right to obtain updating and integration of data and their cancellation; turning into anonym form in case of violation of law;
    3. Right to raise the treatment only according valid reasons;
    4. Right to raise the treatment for advertising sent or marketing and business researches.
    5. Data controller: Giardini La Mortella.

Responsible for personal data processing under the law 196/03: Alessandra Vinciguerra.

For  any questions or comments, please send us an e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or contact us through letter sent by recorder delivery - Giardini la Mortella, Via F. Calise, 39 - 80075 - Forio (NA) I

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