The north-facing slope of the mountain is clayish, making it possible to cultivate different plants from those that dominate the valley. Entering from the parking-area one comes across a pergola covered with creepers, passion flowers and jasmines, known as the “Glorieta”, which is surrounded on two sides by a lake of blue glass pebbles, a gift from the American landscape architect Andy Cao.

In this area, which is sunken and protected from the wind, we have put fragrant plants which permeate the air with their aromas: narcissus, roses (Buff Beauty, Penelope), buddleias. From here, a path climbs up through a hedge of aromatic plants and bushes, including salvia, thyme, lavender, and plectranthus, to the Crocodile Pool.

The walls of the garden are draped with climbing roses like La Follette, Bracteata, and Alberic Barbier. Some interesting palms, such as Livistonia decipiens, Livistonia chinensis, Jubaea chilensis, Sabal minor, and Sabal palmetto, have also found their home here.



Autumn-Winter 2022-2023

The Garden is closed to the public
from November 2, 2022
to March 31, 2023

During the winter months
the garden can be visited
with a guided tour,
that must be reserved in advance,
on Thursdays at 14:30

Entry Fee  € 15,00
(including guide)

Info and booking:
ph. +39 081-990118

Presentation of the visit

Via Francesco Calise, 45
80075 Forio (NA), Italy