The aims, objectives and activities of the ‘Fondazione William Walton e La Mortella’

Article 3 of the Statutes of the Fondazione says:
“The Fondazione aims to promote the diffusion, understanding and appreciation of the art of music in general and in particular to advance the study and appreciation of the works of Sir William Walton, and to care for and preserve the same botanical and natural environment of the Mediterranean island where the compositions of the Maestro were inspired, created and developed during the last 30 years of his life and where, by his express wish, the urn containing his ashes is set in the volcanic rock.”

The next Article clarifies the activities through which the Fondazione aims to reach its objectives, distinguishing between activities in the musical field and those in the botanical field. With regard to music, the objectives and activities are:
  • To create, maintain and open to the public a Museum and an Archive for the exhibition of documents, instruments and other objects of musical interest appertaining to Sir William Walton; both structures were built in the 80s. The Museum was opened to the public in 1992 and can be visited when the garden is open (4 times a week for 8 months of the year); the Archive may be consulted by students, researchers and musicians subject to appointment.
  • To organise a rich and varied programme of concerts, recitals and music festivals aimed at as broad an audience as possible, of all ages and abilities. For 20 years recitals of chamber music have been held in the Recital Hall each Saturday and Sunday, organised in collaboration with Italian and foreign conservatories and schools of music.
  • To construct and operate an open-air venue for classical music, operatic and ballet events. The Greek Theatre was completed and inaugurated in 2006, and in 2007 the first annual Festival for Youth Orchestras was staged.
  • To programme a broad series of music courses, opening the ‘La Mortella’ property as a study centre for the theatrical arts and for music, to young talented musicians in collaboration with teachers of world stature. Between 1990 and 2000 annual Masterclasses were held for singers and, since 2000, advanced courses in collaboration with Schools of Music.
  • To arrange for the publication of a complete edition of the works of Sir William Walton. This is happening in England, through the Oxford University Press.
  • To encourage, through the music of William Walton, educational projects in schools.
  • To encourage research projects concerning the life and the works of William Walton and related subjects; in particular maintaining contacts with universities and conservatories for degree theses and research.
  • To develop the potential of young professional musicians at the outset of their careers, establishing prizes, scholarships and encouraging them in every way, furnishing both economic and practical support.
  • To care for and finance the reproduction of music, the recording of musical works and the publication of books on music with particular regard to the work of Sir William Walton.

In the botanical field, the activities, centred around the Gardens of La Mortella created for the Maestro and realised by Susana from a project by the architect Russell Page, and open to the public, that the Fondazione proposes are to:
  • Perpetuate through time the importance of the garden, acknowledging its profound link with music and its symbolic importance as a place of harmony, an inspiration for sentiments of peace and unity.
  • Pinance the protection, maintenance, development and healthy preservation of the botanic collection; the garden is considered one of the most beautiful in Italy and is a reference point and a stimulus for those who work in the world of botany and gardening.
  • Practice the art of horticulture to the highest level to inspire and restore the public, and to spread by its example care for the landscape, respect for the environment and the art of gardening.
  • Increase the educational-teaching function of the Garden, in particular for young people, opening it to the public, encouraging visits, organising themed courses and diffusing an essential understanding of gardening techniques.
  • Provide for the training of personnel specialising in the protection, custodianship and care of the environment and the garden, and of workers in the field of cultural heritage in general.

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